Two new projects in the northeast region is about to debut a new private sales hotspots

Further north, Xinyuan Real Longgang Jiahe Affinity at Serangoon and at the beginning of this month, adjacent to the opening of the new project will welcome tomorrow After Harbor region Residences, Riverfront is on next weekend at the lane next to the subway station open Yingya court model units.

The northeastern region has become a hot spot, sales of new homes by the end of this month’s Riverfront in Hougang in Residences, as well as in the Wu Yingya court (Park Colonial) two new projects.

Further north, Xinyuan Real Longgang Jiahe (The Garden Residences) and Affinity at Serangoon opened at the beginning of this month, the adjacent After Harbor region tomorrow will usher in a new project Residences, Riverfront is on next weekend at the lane next to the subway station open Yingya court model unit.

Located in the Longgang River implementation next to residences, Riverfront one bedroom units has a base price of 578000 yuan per square foot, on average, from 1200 to project multiple takeoff. It is located about 800 metres Hougang subway station, there were a total of 1472 units.

The project is a Hawley Holdings, a new development, Lian of Beng drincheng Xing Kim Shin Capital Holdings and joint development. consortium in May last year to 575,000,000 billion success selling collective standard for the privatization of the median income of apartments (Hud.c.) Rio Casa, every square foot of floor area ratio (PSF PPR) is 706 yuan.

Yingya Court building is sold in July last year the government plans to sell the lot into a subsidiary, the Eng CEL Development, as well as controlling and drincheng Xing heeton joint venture company owned by a consortium of Unique Residence the joint development. Consortium is priced at 700,700,000 yuan, the equivalent of $1110 per square foot of floor area ratio.

There were a total of Yingya court 805 units. one bedroom units known to have more than one million billion, up from 70 feet for about $1700 price is expected to be higher than the opening this month, real Longgang North two new projects.

Jedi group (Zac.d. Group) executive director Mak Chong win accept Lianhe Zaobao interview, said Riverfront and Yingya court Residences near the subway station and shopping centres and, therefore, have an advantage.

Real Estate Institute of the National University of Singapore rich Cheng, PhD, director of share prices, and that is still one of the major considerations for buyers.

He pointed out that developers were recently observed temperature sensor, in reaction to buyers. He pointed out, however, that the price for legs of high innovation may allow buyers to afford.

With this show, there will be many more projects, launched days after the rich think developers or the price adjustments.

Real estate adviser to the company’s CEO told the Post, from Jiahe Qiu ruirong Xinyuan and Affinity first weekend sales point of view, you can see a market to buy gas was not ideal.

In addition to two come the weekend, with a new project is expected to launch next month in the area at the Tre ver, is expected to launch in the third quarter the ratio of integrated projects Hua Li Ju Dalits (the Woodleigh residences), as well as in Hougang Florence Regency redevelopment project, a new residential area will be very busy, with a total of seven items sold at the same time.

(OrangeTee & Tie), head of research and consulting to buyers, that clearly put Yan sentiments remain Wenger, and new projects have characteristics that developers will not cut prices to attract buyers, but it would ensure a competitive price.

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